A community volunteer opportunity
To request this service call: 
416-743-3892 ext. 243
What is Connect with a Senior:

We connect today’s over 55’s to services and programs that help elder seniors to live more
independently in their community

Who can use this service: 

Whether you are a recent retiree or you are a student looking for a positive experience to gain your volunteer hours, we welcome all ages to apply.

Any senior ages 55+ living in the Etobicoke, Malton and Brampton areas can take part in the services that our Volunteer Program offers.

How this service works: 

Becoming a Volunteer:

Applicants will be asked about their reasons for volunteering, past experiences, skills, and interests they bring to the volunteer role.  CANES appreciates that many people from many backgrounds have valuable skills to offer.

Volunteers will be assigned based on the needs of the organization and the volunteer.  We will create an Agreement for the Volunteer and will provide them with the information on requirements for the assigned role.

Volunteer Roles that may be available:

Friendly Visiting/Walking

Recreation Volunteer

Special Skills Mentor

Congregate Dining

Office Administration

Entertainment Volunteer

Interested applicants should call the CANES office to speak to the Volunteer Coordinator at 416-743-3892 ext. 243.  To email about volunteer opportunities at CANES: information@canes.on.ca

CANES staff interview both the client and the volunteer, and create a match suited to the client's needs.  A volunteer initiates regular visits, recommended at least one hour at a regular time each week, or as suitable to both parties.  Assignments are long-term, generally one year or more.